Members of Krav Maga Cape Town are welcome to train at one our International Partner Clubs whilst travelling abroad, at no additional charges.

International partnerships are in place with the following locations:
– London, England
– Dublin, Ireland
– Johannesburg, South Africa
– Torino, Italy
– Novara, Italy

For those that relocate, the certification from Krav Maga Cape Town also carries accreditation from our partners. 


Krav Maga Combat Academy


Founded in 2016, at Krav Maga Combat Academy  prides itself on providing a friendly, supportive and encouraging environment. It really does not matter where you start from. Krav Maga Combat Academy is here to help you get to the point where you feel confident in your own ability. Based in Stevenage, Letchworth, Dunstable and Luton and and currently teach Krav Maga to over one hundred students. At their club, you can learn real life self defence, no matter of age, gender or physical ability, everyone is welcome.

Headed up Matt Leach, who has studied the Yamam “special ops” version of Krav Maga qualifying under the world renowned Itay Gil. He is now a level 6 Krav Maga Instructor and may be the only instructor qualified under 3 separate international Krav Maga organisations, as he is an IKF close quarter battle instructor and also holds instructor certification with Protect Israeli Security Systems under Itay Gil, and with Combat Krav Maga International, headed by Lior Offenbach.


Vigorlegio Kombat Team


Leading Krav Maga Club in Italy, headed by Emilio Buffardi.

Emilio has qualified under Professor Itay Gil and has trained Regular Forces, Alpini and Special Forces.


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Streetwise Kombat Krav Maga


At StreetWise Combat we seek to be excellent in our training. Our method is designed to sufficiently equip the individual with the skills to mentally and physically engage any violent threat rather than be the victim. StreetWise Combat utilizes SIMPLE techniques and concepts that gets the job done with most efficiency i.e. We stick to what actually works best. Our methods stay true to the axiom ‘The shortest distance between two points is a straight line’.

Headed up Tyrell Haag and Ryan Sun

Tyrell Haag
Tyrell studied Theology and is a church-planter and a lecturer of Theology. He began training in martial arts with training in Karate and Kung-fu, later he trained in Jeet Kun Do. In a desire to see more realistic self-defence with immediate applications he began training Krav Maga through the Gidon System before later earning a diploma in Krav Maga from Ariel University under professor Itay Gil of Protect: Israeli Security Solutions. Tyrell is co-direcor and co-founder of StreetWise Combat.

Ryan Sun
Currently on long leave. Ryan studied civil engineering technology and is a university engineering lecturer. He initially trained under the Krav Maga Gidon System before training to become an instructor under Itay Gil’s Protect System. Ryan was one of two first South Africans to have attained a certified Ariel university instructor’s diploma for Krav Maga from Itay Gil. Ryan is the co-director of and one of the principle instructors for Streetwise Combat. He is passionate about bringing a realistic and effective self-defence to South African civilians.


Krav Maga Dublin


Gerry Nolan is a certified Krav Maga Instructor in Protect Krav Maga under Itay Gil (Certified 2011). Originally Gerry certified as full Krav Maga instructor in 2007 under Tactical Krav Maga, and Assistant Krav Maga Instructor in July 2005 with the IKMA after completing an intensive course with the Israeli Krav Maga Association in Netanya Israel. He began his Krav Maga journey in the early 2000s in Dublin Ireland after a long search for a system which was focused exclusively on self protection.

Gerry introduced Krav Maga to Thailand in 2006, where he lived and instructed Krav Maga for over 10 years. He began his martial arts training in 1984 training in the Mugendo Karate and Kickboxing system under George Canning with whom he attained 4th Dan Black Belt after twenty years training. He competed in full contact Kick Boxing. When living in Thailand he trained in Muay Thai for 10 years which is still a passion. Along the way Gerry trained in Tae Kwon Do, & Kung Fu.

Gerry now instructs Protect Krav Maga in Dublin, Ireland to an small invite only group at Krav Maga Dublin where the focus is on reality based live contact training.
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