Krav Maga - the activity for all


No matter your age or your fitness level, you are welcome to join our class!

Krav Maga Classes

With the crime rate unacceptably high, NOW is the time to ensure that you can count on that one person in time of need… YOU!

Build on your life skills, develop your confidence and step into your personal power. Self-defence classes based on realistic physical concepts which are proven on the streets. Learn proven and tested techniques irrespective of the attacker’s size or gender. Learn also non-physical techniques for self defence, body language, assertiveness and more.

Krav Maga classes take place every Wednesday evening from 19:00 to 20:15. Try for yourself and experience the benefits first-hand by booking yourself a free trial class.

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Seminars & Team Building

The Warrior Training Centre provides professional Krav Maga self defense seminars and workshops to executives, corporations and professional sport franchises in Cape Town.

All self defense programs are constructed into specific modules which address encounters that students might face in the real world. Throughout each module, footwork, striking, and all physical requirements needed to defeat an attacker will be detailed and drilled.

Our instructors are well-trained and understand the different capabilities of people in the room and will adjust the level of difficulty and athleticism required to ensure everyone’s safety.